Gemstone is a Natural Mineral or Organic substance which has substantial Beauty, Rarity & Durability. So, Gemstones are Rare, Beautiful & Durable. So they are precious & cherished by everyone. Gemstones are desired & appreciated for their Beauty, Healing Properties & Mystic Power. Gemstones are of two types – Organic & Inorganic Organic Gemstones comes from Living source. Pearl, Amber, Ivory, MOP and Coral are organic gemstones
Inorganic Gemstones are minerals formed within earth under natural conditions. Most of the gemstones are Inorganic. Gemstones are also classified into Group, Species & Variety. Group: Set of Chemically related Species, with properties more or less similar Species: set of Gemstone varieties which are chemically same & differ only on Color & Optical Phenomenon Variety: All Varieties that have same Chemical, Physical & Optical Properties and differ only on Color & Optical Phenomenon belong to same Species.


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